The History of Lynn Township

A HISTORY of LEHIGH COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA Published by James J. Haurer 1902

Lynn Township is bounded on the north by Schuylkill County, east by Heidelberg Township, south by Weisenberg Township and west by Berks County. The population in 1900 was 2,366, and was organized in 1752. The soil is productive, grain and other cereals are raised. The principal occupation of the people is farming. The first mill in the township and probably the first in the county, was erected on Sweitzer’s creek in 1740, one fourth mile below where Greenwald’s mill now stands.

The first English school was established in 1812, other schools connected with the congregations existed earlier. The free school system was adopted in 1838.

Ebenezer church, at New Tripoli, was erected in 1761; Jacob’s church, at Jacksonville, was built in 1750; St. Peter’s church, south of Lynnville, was built in 1857.

VILLAGES-New Tripoli was founded in 1812, was at first called Saegersville, and was changed in 1816 to New Tripoli in honor of the success of the American navy at Tripoli, in 1815. The town is regularly laid out, the streets running north, south, east and west at right angles and mostly named after prominent men of the United States. It has two stores, two hotels, mills and post office. Population in 1900 was 400. Jacksonvillewas founded in 1820. It contains stores, church, hotel and post office. Population in 1900 was 329. Steinsville, founded in 1756, and contains a store, hotel, post office, marble yard, mill and foundry. Population in 1900 was 596. Lynnville, founded in 1806, contains a store, hotel, post office and school house. Populatjon in 1900 was 168. Rabert’s Corner, formally Oswaldsville, was founded in 1860. The population in 1900 was 126. Lynnport, founded in 1814, contains a store, hotel, post office, mantel factory and school house. The population in 1900 was 436. New Slatedale was founded in 1854. Population in 1900 was 100.